Road to sustainability- the organic way

Despite all its long term impact on planet earth the road to organics has remained a debatable one. The debate has become more significant looking at low adoptability despite all government incentives.

  • Of Course Organic Farming yields are lower (15-25%) than Conventional Chemical farming but this needs to be taken into consideration before the shift.

  • Farmers need to be made aware of this short term loss in productivity

  • Farmers need to trained about mitigation measures to overcome this loss and how improved cropping methods could improve returns and earning.

The best approach should be

  • To avoid binary choice of conventional chemical farming or organic farming

  • The key to success in agricultural reform doesn't lie in bold decisions to turn organic.

  • The success of shift to organic farming depends on educating farmers, making citizens aware of what they stand to gain, creating appropriate infrastructure and maintaining a supply chain of farm inputs while shifting over time.

The success of transition to organic is choosing our own path with adequate planning and implementation.

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